Employer’s Resource Guide

Advantages of Hiring a Veteran

Strong Work Ethic: They are motivated, trainable, drug free and more reliable than most of the general populace.

Promote Diversity: It is an effective way to further incorporate diversity. Veterans have lived and worked with a wide variety of people and cultures.

Professional and technical training: Veterans go through a great amount of training in almost every occupation, technology is an important part of all military training. Employers can trust that veterans are trained well enough to work successfully within their organization.

Discipline: People who have served in the military have been trained to work diligently for long hours in non-traditional environments. They often work in positions of intense stress and pressure, and must maintain their composure and focus.

Flexibility: Military personal work within a tight budget, and learn to stretch limited resources. Their work schedules require them to work long hours, including evenings and weekends, often being away from their families for long periods of time, teaching them to be flexible and cooperative with their employer.

Download this Powerpoint presentation The Value of a Veteran Employment (pptx)